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59News Exclusive: Granddaughter of assaulted grandparents speaks

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Joshua Rhodes is accused of beating up an elderly couple and he has been on the run since June 4

59News spoke exclusively with the elderly couple's granddaughter. Step by step Holly Tyree, granddaughter of 67-year-old Gilda and 71-year-old Donald Tyree of Beaver, walked through with us the horrific violence Joshua Rhodes is accused of.

Holly told us her cousin is married to Joshua Rhodes and why he is now the target of a search by State police.

A brown apartment in Beaver is where Joshua Rhodes' father lives, and according to Holly Tyree, that is where it all happened. Holly said when the dispute broke out between the three, it was because of a vehicle owned by Gilda, that she did not want Joshua to drive.

"She said 'I bought that car, it's not legal yet, give me the keys.' She reached in to get the keys, which my cousin was driving, Josh grabbed her arm, pulled her in the car, pressed the accelerator and sped off. My cousin had to punch him to get him off her to stop the accelerator and the gas," said Tyree.

"My grandpa got out of the truck to help my grandma and that's when Josh decked him and they rolled around in the gravel. Then my grandpa ran in to get his walking cane, he's 71 years old, but Josh thought he was grabbing a gun, so Josh ran in the woods behind his dad's apartment," Tyree added. "The police went on foot and couldn't find him and they haven't been able to find him since. There's no less than 8 of us who have been searching these streets since it happened. I literally have blisters all up and down my feet."

Holly told 59News that Rhodes has been in and out of the Southern Regional Jail before.

According to State Police, Joshua Rhodes has four warrants out for his arrest: two counts of battery and two counts of crimes against elderly. If you have any information on where Rhodes is hiding out -- Contact State Police or CrimeStoppers.