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Bear cub shot and killed in Glade Springs Resort

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A bear cub, found in a gated community, was shot and killed at Glade Springs Resort in Raleigh County on Monday.

It's a quiet, gated community. Families walk their dogs through the streets and golfers tee off in the distance. But when a bear was spotted, shot and killed in Stonehaven golf course between the backyards of homes, neighbors became alarmed.

A homeowner in Glade Springs reacted to the news of a bear right down the street.

"I was a little surprised because there's 3 golf courses out here, it's a gated community, there's supposed to be no hunting. But there's also places you can get into Glade Springs and a baby cub shot in June with a high-powered rifle is surprising but not surprising considering the gun culture we live here in Southern West Virginia," said Glade Springs resident Kyle Muscari.

Experts say keeping your outdoor area clear of trash and food is the easiest way to avoid any unwanted attention.

"Bears are in neighborhoods this time of year because their natural food sources are at the lowest right now. Bears come out of the den at this period of the year when there's not a whole lot of natural food available. Any items they can get their paws on that are human related, they will take advantage of," said Collin Carpenter of the Division of Natural Resources.

Game Warden Larry Case explained the charges for taking game out of season.

"The 1st offense of a bear is misdemeanor upon conviction and is a minimum of a $1,000 fine, maximum of $5,000. It goes on up from there. The 3rd offense is a felony in West Virginia," Case added.

The DNR said it is a case-by-case basis, but when a bear has received a complaint multiple times it will be trapped and captured.

Bear bow hunting season is October through mid-November. Bear gun season is the month of December.