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Shots fired in Raleigh County gun battle

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One Raleigh County man is in the hospital Thursday after a shoot-out with a West Virginia State Trooper.

The incident happened on the boarder of Raleigh and Summers Counties around 6:30 Wednesday evening.

Neighbors told 59 News they became alarmed after hearing gunshots fired in their neighborhood.

63-year-old Gary Richmond was inside his house when state police showed up.

Troopers said he then answered the door holding a revolver.

Then Richmond fired the weapon and just missed the state trooper.

After the trooper returned fire, Richmond came back for one more shot in what they believe was an attempt to kill the trooper.

Richmond's next door neighbor said he showed up just moments later.

"The trooper was behind his vehicle and came out with his assault rifle and said get down the road so I literally took off running," said Rick Moorefield.

Neighbors said Richmond was very particular about his yard and when construction workers dug a hole for a stop sign, that's when he got so fired up.

Moorefield said he feels lucky that he chose to run an errand right before his neighbor came out shooting.

"Would he have shot me? I don't know? I don't want to think that he would have but you don't know someone's state of mind... but it's certainly something I don't want to come into again," Moorefield said.

Richmond's house is located just outside the city of Hinton but is located in Raleigh County.

When he gets out of the hospital, state police say they will be serving warrants of attempted first degree murder and wanton endangerment.