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Update: Raleigh General disaster drill in preparation for Jamboree

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The Boy Scouts are known for always being prepared.

On Thursday, Raleigh General Hospital prepared for them, in case their fun turns into a medical problem. 59 News found out what our area hospitals are expecting in mid-July.

Raleigh General Hospital experienced how they will handle almost 50,000 new people in Southern West Virginia. They said they are anticipating around 110 injuries per day.

"We want to make sure we are prepared to continue providing services to members of our community as well as to meet the needs of those at the Boy Scout Jamboree that are in need of care. Our drill today is to help prepare those individuals who have not participated in a response like that prior to this event," CEO of Raleigh General Hospital, David Darden told us.

He also told 59 News during the Boy Scout Jamboree all 1,200 employees will be on call and no one will be allowed to take vacation time. Jan-Care's employees will follow almost the same protocol, taking every precaution to ensure all hands are on deck when needed.

"Well what we've tried to do is we've basically put out a message through our scheduling system of those dates and we request that our employees would schedule their vacations at a different time because this will be a very busy time," said C.J. Fortner, Jan-Care Chief of Field Operations.

During the disaster drill, 12 dummies with their mock injuries were brought in by ambulance, and everyone involved treated them as if they were real patients.The dummies were given injuries such as cardiac problems, head traumas, heat strokes and severe lacerations.

Raleigh General Hospital is a level 3 trauma center and is the only one south of Charleston in West Virginia. The Boy Scout Jamboree will be held July 15th-24th.


On Thursday, Raleigh General Hospital is having a disaster preparation drill in preparation for the upcoming Boy Scout Jamboree.

There will be a discussion of protocol as well as demonstrations of emergency procedures. The drill begins at 11:40 and nurses will be practicing CPR on dummies.

59 News reporter Jessie Gavin will have the latest at 5 and 6 p.m.