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Deputies: neighbor catches crook in the act of breaking in

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New information is coming into our newsroom about the break-in that happened in the Lookout area of Fayette County.   

A call came into the Fayette County 911 center around 9:34 Friday a.m. of a burglary in progress.   The caller told police her husband was armed with a handgun and was the suspects until officers arrived.

When deputies arrived on scene, they found the male suspect, Michael Ray Clark, Jr, 22, of Lookout.   His female accomplice was a juvenile from the area.   According to a press release from the Fayette County sheriff's office, the neighbor said he was working his garden when he saw Clark and the girl go into the home.   He armed himself and confronted them.   The home was unoccupied at the time of the break-in.   The residence was not locked and the suspects simply entered through the front door.   Deputies believe Clark and the juvenile wanted to get wiring.

Clark was arrested and charged with felony entering without breaking.   He was arraigned in magistrate court and bond was set at $7,500.   The juvenile was released to her parents.   No charges have been filed against her right now, but deputies believe a juvenile petition will be filed with the prosecuting attorney's office.   

Sheriff Steve Kessler released this statement.  "A lot of folks seem to have the mistaken impression that if a residence or another type of structure is not occupied or is not currently being used that they can just enter and take whatever they want.  The face of the matter is, it is a crime to enter a building that you don't' own without permission of the owner, and it is currently a crime to take something that doesn't belong to you."

Sheriff Kessler said, "This incident is a good example of neighbors watching out for one another.   This homeowner knew that his neighbors were remodeling this residence and that these two suspects shouldn't be in there.   While he could have just called 911 to report this crime and hoped that we would get there in time, the action that he took insured that these two suspects were quickly apprehended and charged.  Citizens taking action like this to protect themselves and their neighbors from crime makes our job much easier."

This case remains under investigation by Sergeant S. M. Gray of the Fayette County Sheriff's Office.  He was assisted at the scene by Sergeant T. N. Mooney, Corporal J. E. Dempsey and Deputy R. D. Stephens and by an officer from the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources.   Anyone having any information about residential burglaries or other crimes anywhere in the county is asked to contact the Fayette County Sheriff's office at (304) 574-4216 or CrimeStoppers at (304) 255-7867, or you may submit a tip through either the Crime Tips section of the Sheriff's Office web site.



A Fayette County man faces charges after deputies say he and a juvenile female broke into their neighbors trailer.

Michael Ray Clark, Jr. is charged with entering without breaking.  Deputies tell 59News the suspects entered the home while a nearby neighbor was working in his garden.   That neighbor says he knew the home was empty while it was being remodeled and that Clark and the juvenile did not belong there.   

The neighbor tells deputies he told Clark and the juvenile they were on private property.  He then reportedly held them at gunpoint until deputies arrived.   




Fayette County Sheriff's Deputies were called to the Lookout area on Friday on a reported break-in at a home.  They arrested a man after the homeowner reportedly caught the suspect in the act of breaking into his home.

The call came into Fayette County emergency services around 10 a.m.  The home is located on Foster Hill Road.  The suspect was taken to the Fayette County Sheriff's Office.

59News reporter Lauren Hensley is in Fayette County and will bring us the complete story tonight on 59News at five and six.