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Local family almost falls victim to identity theft

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Could something you do every day without thinking, lead to one of your most precious assets being stolen?

"It scared me and it made me very angry," said Bradley resident Ann Thomas.

It was a normal Friday afternoon for Thomas of Raleigh County. Her and her husband do everything they possibly can to not fall victim to their home being robbed, but what about their identity being stolen?

"My son and I were out Father's day shopping, when I came in and I checked my caller ID. It was a 1-800 number. And it said "VISA Lost or Stolen." I don't have a VISA card so I thought it was really strange that they called me. So I called them and talked to the lady and she said "I'm sorry but VISA did not call you. Somebody has hacked into our system and they are calling and trying to get information from people but they are doing it with our phone number. We are investigating it and trying to pinpoint exactly who is doing it," she told 59News.

Thomas believes these phone calls may be targeting a specific area because not only did it hit her home, but also her grandmother, who is her next door neighbor.

"My grandmother also got a phone call about the same time, they weren't home either so she didn't answer but it was the same phone number and the caller I.D. read the same thing and she's my neighbor, so I thought that was really strange," Thomas said.

Thomas believes speaking out is the best defense in protecting yourself and your finances.

"We need to look out for each other, if something like this happens to somebody, tell somebody, so that we can all learn from it," she added.

If you think you could be a victim of identity theft, contact your local Sheriff's Department as soon as possible.