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UPDATE: 67-year-old lost and found in Tazewell County

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After a 67-year-old male went missing Saturday morning in Tazewell County, 59News found out how you can keep yourself safe if you end up alone in the great outdoors. We spoke with avid hikers on safety in the woods.

Hiking, canoeing, camping, it's all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Outdoor extremists Ed and Carol Horn told us how you can have the time of your life and stay alive too.

"Bring sunscreen, we carry a first aid kit with us. We travel with a GPS so that we don't get lost and we back it up with maps. There's always a plan before we go," Carol Horn said.

"Sometimes the GPS points us on a road that we really don't want to go down. That did it to us about half an hour ago, it wanted to put us down a road that we weren't comfortable with so we just went down another road and made her re-calculate," added Ed Horn.

The Horns' suggest always knowing when you're in cell phone range. They say constant communication with those at home is key.

"We always have somebody who knows "This is where Ed and Carol are today," Carol told us.

They advise the buddy system and she also advised us on how to stay safe if you do run into a new "friend" along the way.

"We have seen bears, the ones we've seen we've been on a bike. We make sure we don't stop and get off and try to take pictures. You shouldn't act like they're teddy bears," she said.

Tazewell County Emergency Services told us around 8 a.m. Sunday morning he was found alive and well.




Tazewell County Emergency Services reports a 67-year-old male went missing around 10 a.m. Saturday morning.

They tell us around 8 a.m. he was found and had returned to his home.

59News reporter Jessie Gavin is talking with Bluestone State Park Assistant Superintendent Jason Brown on safety tips for how to keep yourself safe in the outdoors this summer.