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UPDATE: Board of Education meets on teacher issues in Raleigh County

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The Raleigh County Board of Education met on Monday with the intent of dealing with a pair of teachers who were suspended after allegations of misconduct with students.

The first involved a teacher at Trap Hill Middle School who was allegedly sending inappropriate texts to a student.  On Monday, the Board of Education approved a recommendation from Superintendent Jim Brown to terminate Lori Lester. The decision was unanimous.  The action came following an extended executive session at the board offices in Beckley.  Board of Education members also approved the Superintendent's action of putting Lester on suspension with pay which took place when the allegations were first made.  Lester was not at the meeting on Monday, but lawyers representing her were on hand.

"I can't comment on the allegations of the investigation that is all personnel issues and confidential. I can just say that we have terminated her contract with Raleigh County Schools," Board President, Rick Snuffer said.

When 59 News broke this story exclusively, a lawyer reached out to our news crews.  The lawyer said he is representing a 13-year-old male Trap Hill Middle School and sent us a text message that he alleges was sent by Lester to the student during school hours. To read the original story click here.

Woodrow Wilson Coach Michael Cooper was also suspended with pay over allegations of misconduct with a student.  However, the Board of Education pushed back a hearing on Cooper. 

"New evidence came to our attention and we have to look at that so we thought it would be better for all parties that we delay that hearing on the 26th," Snuffer said.

The Beckley Detachment of the State Police are the lead agency on both investigations.