14 year old MMA fighter one of the youngest in his sport


It was never a question if Rick Pyatt was going to let his 7 year old son Noah start fighting.

"I have people ask me why I would put my son in a ring, well it's not my decision. It's his decision," said Pyatt.

He's 14 now, and has won many titles including the Ohio State championship and some from the United Martial Arts Tournament Association.  His motto is to be dedicated.

That dedication is one of the reasons his trainer Steve Neal enjoys pushing him.  "He's got a big heart, a strong determination, and a drive to be good at what he does."

He will travel to North Carolina to compete in a special exhibition match in a Primus MMA tournament.

But, why does Noah want to go?

"I need competition. There's no competition up here."

With the tournament in less than 2 weeks he will have to put in extra time for his training and conditioning, but that's O.K. because he always stays dedicated. 

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