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Update: Repairs continue on Beckley sinkhole

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Update:  Crews are scheduled to continue working on the sinkhole Wednesday.

Update:  Piney Avenue remained closed, even to emergency responders, June 21, according to emergency dispatchers.

A developing sinkhole is prompted emergency officials to close down some roadways in Beckley.

The Beckley Sanitary Board has decided to close traffic entering Piney Avenue from Prince Street. A meeting is scheduled for Thursday to discuss repairs.  59 News has learned from  Kevin Taylor, Raleigh County Emergency Services, that the sinkhole was caused by this week's flooding and rain. This is only a safety precaution.

One driver tells 59News he was actually driving on Piney Avenue Monday when the road became more like rapids in the New River.

"I got down to go on Robert C. Byrd Drive and it looked like there was a road, I started out and I was in water up to here and put it in 4-wheel driver and prayed to God that I get out," James Lewis of Beckley said.

And the road where James's truck almost got washed away is suffering damages from the high waters. He said it is no surprise because that amount of water is dangerous.

The Beckley Sanitary Board has decided to close traffic entering Piney Avenue from Prince Street because of a LARGE sink hole. Officials said it was caused by Monday night's storm.

Three days after the massive storm pounded the area it is not just a sinkhole that is causing problems. 59News meet one business owner who said she can't re-open until she cleans up. Jamie Carr works with her mother who owns the Valley Drive Barber Shop.

She said its been at this location for 40 years and the shop has never flooded until Monday night.

"No one died, we are fine but I am out of business for awhile," Carr said.

Soggy seats and muddy floors. The clean-up has begun. It is uncertain when the Valley Drive Barber Shop will reopen for business.