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UPDATE: Gunfire exchanged on routine home confinement check

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A man who was on home confinement was shot and killed following a routine check by Raleigh County Sheriff's Deputies.

Initial reports are that a wanted man was on the run since Thursday night into the early morning hours Friday. Home Confinement officers were checking on Charles Warren Wickline.  He was on bond for Child Neglect Resulting in Death.  Wickline reportedly pulled a gun on the officer and rode off on a 4-wheeler.

Wickline was found on Willibet Hollow Road in Jonben. He is no stranger to that area.  Wickline lives just a short distance from Willibet Hollow Road on Bacontown Road.  He actually took cover in the bushes outside of his nephews home.

"We knew he was armed earlier all of the reports that came in said he was armed and even his family said he wouldn't go back to jail and he didn't expect to live through any arrest," Raleigh County Sheriff Steve Tanner said.

Deputies said that he tried to hide behind a tree. They tried to negotiate with Wickline to drop the weapon. Officials said one deputy got close enough to use a tazer on Wickline in an attempt to subdue him, but that's when Wickline fired his gun. Two shots erupted in the early morning hours.

"Well this morning I heard two shots go off and I came out to the window to see what was going on," neighbor William Sisk said.  Sisk describes a line of squad cars and emergency vehicles lining his road this morning.  Sisk has lived on this street his entire life and never witnessed anything like this before.  He said the entire neighborhood is still in shock over the shooting.

According to a release, a deputy fired one round back at Wickline and hit him in the chest.  One of Wickline's family members worked with a deputy to perform CPR until paramedics arrived.  Charles Wickline was pronounced dead at the scene.

Wickline's nephew spoke with 59News off camera and said his uncle actually came to speak with him during the manhunt.  He said he tried to get Wickline to give up the gun, but he wouldn't.

Sheriff Tanner said there is an ongoing internal investigation into the incident but he believes deputies did all they could before having to use lethal force. Once the investigation is complete the findings will be turned into the prosecuting attorney.