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UPDATE: Brutal Raleigh County machete fight, wife speaks out

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UPDATE: 6/26, 3:45 p.m.

A fight gets out of hand in Raleigh County. 59News has learned a man was brutally attacked with a machete and now his wife is speaking out. According to Tarrah Trump, problems were brewing in the quiet Shady Spring neighborhood a few nights ago. She said vandals slashed the tires on the family's car.

Trump said on Wednesday morning her husband was confronted by several people. She said an argument began in the drive way when one person took out a machete and began to slash her husband. There is still blood spots where the fight happened.

This is what Trump said she heard,"I was in house on phone with 911. So I didn't see too much," Trump said. 59News Reporter Lauren Hensley asked, what did you hear? "I just heard a lot if arguing and fighting. I'm not really sure," Trump said.

Trump said her husband is resting at an area hospital. He needed 7 staples in his arm and possibly surgery, after being slashed by a machete.

"He pulled it out," Trump explained, pointing to her arm as she imitated her husband removing the machete from his arm. "It's horrible looking," she said.

The Raleigh County Sheriffs Department has not released a statement about the night of violence, because the investigation remains open. They do tell 59News between 4 and 5 people were fighting and both a machete and baseball bat were used as weapons.

But for neighbors in this quiet community, they are still rattled but bloody brawl.

"That's insane for this neighborhood. I've lived on this neighborhood for my entire life and I can't believe it," Walter Patton said.

  No arrests have been made and no charges have been filed.


59News spoke with the wife of one victim in the early morning fight that happened in Shady Spring on Wednesday and reportedly involved a machete.

Tarrah Trump told 59News that the situation began several night before when their tires were slashed.  She said that several people showed up at 1 a.m. on Wednesday and attacked her husband with a machete.  Her husband was taken to an area hospital.

Raleigh County Sheriff's Deputies are investigating the incident. 59News is Working for You to uncover the details of the situation.  Watch for updates here and on 59News.


59News has learned that an overnight machete fight has landed three people in an area hospital.  Details are limited but 59 News has learned from Raleigh County Dispatchers that the call came in a little before 1:30 on Wednesday morning.


They said first responders and Raleigh County Sheriff's deputies were dispatchers to the scene on Parliament Road in Shady Spring.

There is no word on the three people's condition right now and the investigation is ongoing.

Stick with 59News as we are working for you to uncover the details of this machete fight.