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Jamboree Organizers Meet with Local Residents

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The Boy Scout Jamboree is just a few weeks away and organizers held a meeting Thursday night at Mt. Hope High School.

The meeting covered everything from traffic concerns to how safety will be handled at the Summit Bechtel Reserve, the site of this year's Jamboree.

But on the mind of many residents is if these organizers can manage the thousands of scouts expected to there.

"How much more different is it going to be, there's a lot of people around on bridge day and some way we handle that," said Oak Hill resident Bruce Petersen.

People living in the vicinity of The Summit worried that there might be a curfew enforced on them and that there might also be a check point set up to see if residents actually live in the area.

Mike Patrick, Director of Operations at the Summit, dismissed those as rumors.

"Somebody may have heard that the scouts have a curfew and by extension somehow that got morphed into extending into the local community but that's certainly not the case," said Patrick.

He also said that checking local residents for their credentials was never in the plans and will not happen.

But a big question that's been lingering is if there is a plan in place in case danger strikes at the Jamboree.

"We're going to be the third largest city in West Virginia and with that comes all emergency planning you would do for any city, we've got the emergency plans," said Gary Hartley, Director of Community and Government Relations.

Still, many people are thrilled about having the 2013 National Boy Scout Jamboree right here in Southern West Virginia.

"Activities for young people are very exciting and I think economically it will be a boost to the state and specifically here locally," said Beckley resident Mel Hancock.

The Jamboree is set to start on July 15th and run through July 24th.