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New 911 center complete just in time for the Boy scout Jamboree

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Just in time for the National Boy scouts Jamboree, the Oak Hill 911 center moves into a brand new state of the art building.

After 16 years of thinking and planning the brand new Fayette County 911 center is fully operational.

And it's just in time for an influx of up to 50,000 people into the county.

"We're looking at the boy scout event like we would a natural disaster, we have to have resources available to respond at a moments notice to almost anything, it's just an unexpected event as far as what we are going to get at that moment," said Director David Neal.

He said the facility has brand new equipment that can pin-point the location of a call and get crucial information out to emergency response crews much faster than before.

And for the week of the jamboree they're bringing in a whole separate call center.

"We have an idea of what's going to happen where we just don't know what is going to happen in that process. We do expect a very large increase in our activity here but to say exactly what it's going to be is a guess right now," said Neal.

The biggest piece of equipment is the 300 foot control tower that will transmit to all other towers in the county. It was paid for with grant money and cost about $250,000.