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July 1: Driving and using phone will cost you

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It's something many of us do but don't want to admit it.

Talking on the phone while driving. But if you use a hands-free device, you'll be in the clear.

59News reminds us that starting July 1, if you text or hold your phone while driving your car, you can be pulled over and fined.

Hands-on cell phone use has been a secondary offense since July 2012, the meant that you could be pulled over for another reason and fined on the cell phone charge, but now drivers could be pulled over if law enforcement officers see you on your cell phone, either talking or texting.

59News hit the streets of Raleigh County and found an "Honest Abe" among us as well as those who would have liked to see this law passed sooner.

"I have been guilty for several years of driving and talking on a cell phone. Not texting though. But now I'm not going to do it again," said Paul Hutchinson.

"So many accidents, there's a lot of deaths involved with this. We really needed this a long time ago," Charles Mitchell told us.

No need for police, one man's son tells us when he asks his dad to put down the phone, he obeys.

"I have to smack you to get your attention while we are driving the car when you're texting," said one boy.

Not only will texting and driving be a primary offense, but also starting July 9, not wearing your seatbelt is too.

"The seatbelt law has been in effect for quite a while, starting the 9th that's when everything's going to be what it should be," Mitchell added.

One woman told 59News that sometimes, she doesn't even answer her hands-free device because it's always better to be safe than sorry.

"I have Bluetooth in my car, if it rings and it's inconvenient for me, I don't pick up, they can call me later," Pat Piercy said.

Violators face a $100 fine for a first offense.