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Fireworks: What is legal in West Virginia

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With the 4th of July just days away -- many people are getting ready to enjoy a big celebration. Firework tents are popping up all over the Mountain State and 59News wanted to know just what kind of fireworks are illegal to purchase and set off in the Mountain State. 59News Reporter Lauren Hensley goes under cover to find out if she can purchase any of these forbidden firecrackers.

They pop!  They sparkle! They boom and roar!  But more fireworks are illegal in the mountain state.  

"Well what's legal are basically sparkles and novelty items like glue worms and things that have a shower of sparkles. Nothing that goes up or boom or both those are illegal.," Lt. Ernie Parsons with the Beckley Fire Department said.

59News wanted to know what is legal and what is illegal to sell, purchase and set off in West Virginia. After speaking with the experts, 59News Reporter Lauren Hensley is going undercover to find out of she can her hands on these forbidden fireworks.

Firework venders are setting up tent shops all over the mountain state. Though these tents are inspected by state police, 59News wanted to see if these illegal fireworks are easy to get our hands on.

59News went to visit the firework tent in the Beckley Plaza on Eisenhower.  Dressed in regular street clothes, 59News Reporter Lauren Hensley put on a wireless microphone as photojournalists Patrick Williams captured her image from further down the street.

Our microphone was able to pick up a muffled conversation.  It caught 59News Reporter Lauren Hensley asking the vendor, "so what's the biggest thing you guys have?"

"As far as," said the vendor.  "There is a law in West Virginia that it can't go over 8 feet" the vendor explained.  He is describing that no firework that goes up in the air can be purchased or set off in West Virginia.

"Do you have anything that goes up in the air," 59News Reporter Lauren Hensley asked.

"No, no we don't," the vendor replied.

So what was 59News Reporter Lauren Hensley able to purchase?  She was able to get sparklers, sparkles, and poppers to throw on the ground.  She was unable to find anything that went up in the air.

But, experts advise these small fireworks can still pack a punch.  Fire officials advise to leave the pizzazz to the experts!

"Even the legal fireworks are dangerous the sparklers. It is a spray of hot speckles and it's extremely hot you could get third degree burns easily," Lt. Parsons said.

Folks in Raleigh County can check out the fireworks near the Raleigh County Convention Center from 9:30 until 10:00 p.m. on the 4th.

To read more safety tips you can check out the Beckley Fire Department's Facebook page by clicking here.

The 4th of July is just days away and many people are gearing up for a celebration.

Vendors tents filled with fireworks are popping up a over the mountain state. Officials said they see an increase in firework sales and injuries during this time of the year.

So what is illegal to purchase in the mountain state and are vendors selling these illegal items? 59News is going undercover to find out. We will have the details coming up at 5 and 6 tonight.