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Fourth of July feud - Neighbors upset over pit bull attacks

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It's a Fourth of July feud, while most families are enjoying the holiday, two neighbors are up in arms in a dog dispute.

59News takes us to the battle over pit bulls with a controversy on Clyde Street in Beckley. One neighbor defends his property. The next neighbor defends her dogs.

"A real aggressive female pit bull came at me and got within a foot of my ankle and I got a spreader and swung around and caught the dog and knocked it and got to my basement and opened it up and got a pitchfork out. I started yelling for Stephanie and I yelled and said you better come get your dog before I kill it. It kept lunging at me," James Huppentaughel said.

That was one instance. In the next one, he shoots a dog.

"When I come around to go up my backdoor steps they came running at me. I had a little 22 caliber gun in my pocket and I pulled it out and I shot the one dog with birdshot. I came in and called 911 of course," Huppentaughel told us.

"This is the second time within a month that he has shot at my dogs, the last time he actually shot my dog with ratshot. I have never served him with my vet bills. Neither time that he shot at my dogs were they on his property. The ditch line right here is still within my property, where he shot at him the other day, and then the cops showed up. This is ridiculous, my dogs are not safe. I'm going to call the Humane Society," neighbor Stephanie McClung said.

While our 59News reporter was on scene talking with the neighbors, a verbal dispute broke out.

We wanted to know more about the laws concerning dog ownership in the city but because of the holiday, police were not available for a comment. Stay with 59News as we continue to follow this story.