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UPDATE: Community reacts to Fourth of July Threat

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A Fourth of July fight puts deputies in the middle of a violent threat. Now a small Raleigh County community is reacting to this disturbance.

Deputies were called to Stansbury Deanfield Road in Glen Daniel, Raleigh County. It could have potentially turned violent. Emergency Services told 59News that a woman with knife threatened deputies and didn't stop there.  Officials said her threats escalated when she stated she was going to pour gas on the floor and set a home on fire.

One neighbor said he saw the fire truck and deputies respond to the scene.

"This are getting worse, they are getting worse. It used to be even 20 years ago you didn't have to worry about locking their doors now you have to lock your windows and your doors," Joseph Brown, a neighbor said.

Just across the street lives another neighbor named Zelta Belcher she said he granddaughter was just feet away when the situation broke out.

"It's terrible, it is," Belcher said. "To live somewhere for 30 some years and I'm way old I can't pack up and leave but I do think there should be a watch up here or the police find by once in awhile," Belcher said.

Belcher said she would love a community crime watch to come into their neighborhood.  Belcher has lived in this community for 35 years. Brown has lived in the neighborhood for 45 years.  They both said they have seen a change in the community.  Both agree more violence is being displayed in their neighborhood and they'd like it to stop.


Deputies in Raleigh County were called to a potentially dangerous situation Thursday night.

Dispatchers with Raleigh County Emergency Services told 59News that a woman with a knife threatened to pour gas on the floor and set a home on fire.  Dispatchers say this happened around 10:20 p.m. at a home on Stansbury Deanfield Road in Glen Daniel.

59News is told the scene was cleared about an hour later.  There's no word on any arrests.  Stay with 59News as we continue to follow this developing story.