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Firefighters train to fight brush fires at Summit Bechtel Reserve

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The boy scout Jamboree is just about a week away and everyone in the area, not just the people with the Summit Bechtel Reserve are working hard to make sure they're ready.

Most of our volunteer firefighters are trained to work in buildings, but now they're getting out into the wild and wonderful to learn how to stop a brush fire.

Saturday they came to the site of the national boy scouts jamboree, the Summit Bechtel Reserve, which is a wooded area of more than 10,000 acres.

"These techniques that they're learning today will help them better respond to brush fires to know when to call in more resources if necessary," said Fire Management Officer Peggy Ainslie.

Our local Fayette County firefighters could be called to the summit if a brush fire were to occur.
These men and women are on their way to becoming certified at fighting this type of fire.

One student said their training at the summit put the whole brush fire class into perspective.     

"It's one thing to read about it on the slide show but it's nice to actually cut a line and all that, the different types of fires and safety zones and all that," said Michael Kelley.

Leaders said the brush fire disaster in Arizona brings even more awareness to the importance of their training.

"Certainly this training will help those guys be better aware of blow up situations that can occur on fires and hopefully be more cognoscente of situational awareness so they don't get caught," said Ainslie.

The boy scout jamboree starts July 15th.

If you want to be a volunteer or just come to see the boy scouts for yourself, head to their website.