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UPDATE: Local law enforcement speaks out on job dangers

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A neighboring county's law enforcement spoke out Sunday in reaction to the violence close by.

59News talked with Fayette County Captain Jim Sizemore on the dangers of the job.

"With anytime you hear of an officer being shot or injured in the line of duty it sends a chill down your spine. In a neighboring county, we work with them all the time, so that makes it even harder," Sizemore said.

Captain Sizemore is a huge supporter of law enforcement wearing bullet-proof vests.

"I have always been an advocate of soft-body armour for law enforcement officers. That is one tool that absolutely saves lives," he told us.

"The only thing that helps law enforcement is if they do wear bullet proof vests. There has to be protection for these people," concerned Fayette County resident Carlette Proffit told 59News.

She told us even the most routine calls can be just as dangerous.

"It's the routine call that can probably be the most dangerous of them all. You do not know who will be on the other side of the door or what they are going to do," Proffitt said.

"It's almost always the routine calls where this sort of things happen. You answer these calls 100 or 10,00 times and this one time it makes a difference. Whether it's an alarm at a bank or a neighbor dispute, you have to keep in mind that every single call you go on could potentially be the call where your life is on the line," Sizemore added.

Captain Sizemore told 59News 3 Fayette County Deputies have survived gun shot wounds due to wearing bullet proof vests.







After two Nicholas County deputies were shot by an elderly man in the area of Craigsville during a shootout Saturday morning, 59News wanted to speak to local law enforcement on all the dangers they face every day.

59News reporter Jessie Gavin spoke with Fayette County Sheriff's Captain Jim Sizemore and will bring you the latest at 6, 10 and 11 p.m.