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What are scrap yards doing to keep thieves out?

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59 News is digging deeper into a story we first brought to you Tuesday... dozens of fire hydrant caps stolen in Summers County for quick cash.
We wanted to know - can something like this be sold for scrap? And are scrap yards keeping records of what people bring in to sell?

As soon as you pull up to most scrap yard's and come up to the office you are bombarded with signs about things you're allowed to bring and things you're not allowed to bring. One sign stated your car might be checked when you pull up for unwanted things like trash and wood.
"I had to shake this one vehicle down and I had him take all the stuff out and I made him put it in the dumpster. We have to go through the loads really really well," said Debra Shepherd of Glen's Salvage in Shady Spring.

Scrap yards in Raleigh County are no fools when it comes to thieves and scammers. They've got pages of rules and regulations in place to make sure everyone stays in check. And with so many reports of stolen property being swapped for cash, police are using them as a tool.

"They call us all the time to give us a heads up or if I see something suspicious I will call that same cop back," said Shepherd.

Everyone that enters must hand over their driver's license and sometimes their vehicle information incase something suspicious pops up. But they said people come in with new tricks every day.

They said they're always on the lookout for people trying to pull one over on them. Things like rocks and even BB's in cans to make them weigh more.

Shepherd said she even takes it upon herself to write down items that have been reported stolen like a list of car batteries.

"We keep a close eye, people think they're getting away with it but they're not because you're going to come back and we're going to remember ya," said Shepherd.

Most scrap yards will have a list of items they cannot buy posted things like historical markers, cemetery vases and even fire hydrant caps.

For a look at the complete list of rules and regulations, check out this website.