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Glen Jean locals split about BSA jamboree

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Five days remain until the Boy Scouts invade Fayette County for the National Jamboree. While most are excited about the 40,000 visitors others are not very thrilled. 59News spent some time in a small community in Glen Jean.  It is located right by the National Park Service visitor center. Many of these folks are just blocks away from the maintenance entrance to the Jamboree grounds.

The maintenance entrance of the Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve is buzzing with activity, pumping full of cars and trucks carrying equipment into the grounds. Hundreds of workers are on site hurrying to put the final pieces into place.

When its time for lunch, these hungry workers scatter off the sight, bringing their appetites and wallets-- something the folks at The Cold Spot Restaurant are excited about.

"I would say our business has probably doubled. We've stayed steady than but now we get all the Boy Scout workers it's definitely gave us the business," Joshua Ficke, a cook with The Cold Spot Restaurant said.

59News crews set-up on the busy intersection.  In 1 minute our 59News crews saw 17 vehicles drive by. These cars were both commuters and workers for the Summit.

But not everyone in Glen Jean is thrilled about this congestion.

"Ain't no body want it, but we got it and we are stuck with it," Virgil Kincaid of Glen Jean said.

Kincaid said he has a hard enough time getting around because of his handicap. He said the additional traffic, means additional challenges.

"That's just the way it is going to be.  Just a lot if inconvenience for us and this is mostly old people through here and them trying to get out it is going to make it much harder on them," Kincaid said.

For folks who share the same view as Kincaid, this week is just the start of masses moving into the area.  The 40,000 Boy Scouts make their arrival on Monday July 15.

To take a photo tour of the grounds click here.