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How to get a visitor pass to the BSA Jamboree?

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Move over Boy Scouts!  West Virginia is welcome to attend the 2013 National Boy Scout Jamboree.  In fact, anyone is able to attend.

Visitors passes are for sale! You can purchase a visitor pass by clicking here

The passes vary in price depending on which activities a visitor would like to participate and how many days a visitor would like to attend.  Visitors will be able to participate in all the extreme adventure activities on the property.

If you are strapped for cash and still would like to attend, folks can volunteer service hours in exchange for a visitor pass. 

The Boy Scouts need your help! Local volunteers are being asked to donate time to help manage the 80 acre parking lot on the seven days that the Jamboree is going on from July 15th through July 23rd.

Anyone who donates at least 6 hours of volunteer service will receive a 1-Day Pass to the Jamboree, which can be used on any day they're not working, except for Saturday, July 20th.

For Information & to Sign-Up to Volunteer please call 304-890-4733 or email