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Bradley Deals With Nasty Flooding

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As storms swept through Raleigh County Wednesday, the town of Bradley dealt with some pretty nasty flood water.

"What a mess I've got to clean up, I'd love have our county commissioners come down here and take a look and maybe dig out this ditch and replace some culverts," said Randall Thomas standing in knee deep water in his backyard.

Water flooded out neighborhoods on Beechview Road making houses look like islands.

Denver Mathis stared off into the rushing flood waters behind his home and just couldn't believe it.

"It's amazing to me, I mean I'm 52 years old and I've never been flooded out," said Mathis.
A bridge used by people in a neighborhood along North Sandbranch Road was flooded out.

"It makes me feel like nobody cares that people have to constantly worry about their homes being washed out and bridges washed out when they're at work and they got a family and kids and a wife," said Marie Thornquest as she watched the water forcefully surge through the bridge area.

Many people in the area believe a lot of this flood water comes from the new buildings that were put up near the Crossroads Mall.

"That car lot is all paved and stuff, it runs off and rides on down here to the people in the valley."