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People stocking up on groceries before the National Scout Jamboree

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People are heading out and stocking up on groceries in Fayette County.

Shoppers said since no one knows what to expect for the week ahead... they want to be ready.

"Well I thought I would get a few things just in case they get busy so I wouldn't have to come out and shop for groceries," said shopper Phyllis Repass.

The manager of Grant's Supermarket in Oak Hill said they're even preparing people outside of the store today.

"There's one little lady I deliver groceries to and she got an extra large order this week just in case the traffic is bad next week," said manager Brandon Etter.

It's not just grocery stores that people are worried about, too.

"I went to the mall yesterday to get that out of the way before all the hub-bub. Other than that I'm looking forward to it," said Mary Johns.

Here at Grant's, the manager said he's not worried about folks running out of food next week because they are scheduled to have trucks coming three times throughout the week.

Hotel rooms in Fayette and Raleigh counties are also almost completely booked for the week.

They said it is mostly family members bringing to drop off their scouts and some staying to visit for the week.