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Raleigh County students will be given FREE iPad's

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Raleigh County is getting ready to offer a brand new "iPad Initiative."

Grades 3-12 will be given a brand new iPad to use at school and to keep at home. The "iPad Mini" will be available for kindergarten through 2nd graders during school hours only.

59News spoke with Raleigh County Superintendent Jim Brown on the technology at the new iRaleigh Training Center, which will serve as the hub for Tech Support and teacher training.

It's one of Apple's most popular products, and now the iPad will be in the hands of all Raleigh County students from high schoolers as well as kindergartners. School Superintendent Jim Brown gave us insight into why this new technology will better your child's education.

"The 1 to 1 initiative is really about increasing student engagement. We've done a lot of research with school districts across the nation who have had great success. Immediate factors that improved are student attendance, graduation rate, and overall academic achievement," Jim Brown said.

Brown told us their solution in the case of a student's iPad being lost or stolen.

"We've purchased a monitoring system called AirWatch and we will be able to watch every device remotely. If a student accidentally looses or if a device is stolen we will be able to shut that device down. It will actually be useless to any other person other than from Raleigh County schools," said Brown.

Unless you've really tried hard, you probably won't accidentally break it. 59News showed viewers a clip of a man throwing the iPad (with case) down a flight of cement stairs. It did not break or shatter the screen.

Brown told us inappropriate content will not be available on the student's new technology.

"Our schools are all built and tied to the State Department of Education so content has to go through their filtering system. When students take the device home we will be able to monitor the content on those as well remotely," Brown explained.

Raleigh is the only county in the state to offer this "iPad Initiative."

August 10th at Tamarack at 8 a.m. parents can ask questions and see for themselves how the devices can be used.