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Buses of Boy Scouts arrive to Fayette County

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July 15 is the arrival day for the Boy Scout Jamboree.  Buses loaded with scouts are rolling into Fayette County and will be staying in the Mountain State for a week.

Tens of thousands of Boy Scouts are packing into hundreds of buses to set up camp for the national jamboree and they are pumped! Ethan Clawson is a scout all the way from Utah and he can't wait to get to the Summit.
"I'm really excited for the Rock climbing I love rock climbing and the zip lining. It's going to be great," Clawson said.
Scouts aren't the only ones fired up! Parents are just as eager. Bryan Tolar has been trailing behind his sons bus all the way from South Carolina and was hoping to sneak a peak of the grounds.

"Before I leave I'm so close to. I'd is love to look at the facilities and just see where he's staying, Tolar said.
Grandmother Patricia Pinnell is also eager for her two generations of scouts. Her son is a leader and her grandson is a scout. While she is from the mountain state, the two are from Maryland. She hopes the beauty of West Virginia makes an impact on her out of state family and all visitors.
During the Jamboree, if the Summit were a city, it would be the third biggest city in the Mountain State.  It took close to 700 buses to transport all of the 40,000 Scouts.