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Greenbrier County homeowner strives to clean old meth lab

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One homeowner in Greenbrier County is making strides to clean up old meth labs in town.

The house on Front Street in Rupert was boarded up back in May after police arrested four people for operating a meth lab inside the home.

Now, thanks to a grant from the Crime Victims Compensation Fund, Roger Lance, the owner of the property is one step closer to having a clean, chemical free home.

He said he started with local law enforcement who told him to contact a man named Brandon Lewis in Charleston.

And just a few weeks later... he received a grant of $10,000 to pay Simon Environmental for their clean-up work.

"It's a great feeling to know that the community is looking better this is the first thing that you see as you're coming into Rupert so we're working with it and making it look better everyday," said Lance.

The cleanup crew should have the house free of all contaminated materials in just about two days and the homeowner said he plans to have the house ready for a new tenant in just a couple of weeks.

"As far as putting the building back together it's just a matter of painting and whatever they do take out will need to be replaced. The heating system will have to be replaced, ceiling fans are gone, air conditioners are gone that kind of thing has to go," said Lance.

He said a new tenant will not be moving in until the health department deems the building safe. "If it doesn't pass the first time they will come back for a second time and make sure that it is safe," he said.

Lance owns several rental properties in town and said the situation actually could have been much worse.

"If this would have been an apartment building say 10 or 15 families living in it they would have condemned the entire building until it was tested and put a lot of people on the street in the middle of the night," he explained.

Lance said he is willing to help people in the same situation wanting to know how to make the first move.

The number to call in Charleston is Brandon Lewis at (304) 356-4327.

Attached is a list of companies that come to do the clean-up work.