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A look at how much states will spend on health law

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A campaign promoting public awareness of a new health care reform law spends the most per person in the mountain state.

In a report by the Associated Press, $17.1 million in outreach spending happened in West Virginia.  That's just over $9 per person in the state.    The state that spends the nest most is Arkansas at just over $8.

The $17.1 million spent here in West Virginia on marketing and advertising grants puts the mountain state 11th among the states.

The AP said in May, Gov. Earl Ray Tom bin announced the state is extending Medicaid coverage to an estimated 91,500 uninsured low-income residents under the health care overhaul starting in January 2014.

The AP said expanding medicaid is expected to help hospitals by providing coverage to thousands of residents now treated at hospitals without compensation as charity care.

Across the border in Virginia, only one state is expected to spend less per person to promote public awareness of the new health care reform law.

The $3.9 million in outreach spending amounts to 49 cents per resident.    Wisconsin is the only state spending less at 46 cents per person.

According to the Associated Press states that resisted President Barack Obama's health overhaul generally are spending less to promote it.   Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli filed an unsuccessful lawsuit challenging the law.

Virginia decided to allow the federal government to run its health insurance marketplace.   That means all the marketing  money in the state is going directly from the federal government to community organizations and health centers.   No state money is involved.