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Uptown Beckley hole - Cost worth the outcome?

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The high price to fix the hole on Neville Street in Uptown Beckley is raising some eyebrows lately.

59News talked money with Mayor Emmett Pugh as well as Beckley residents to find out if ends justify the means. A year and half after flames ripped through the center of Uptown Beckley, decisions and progress on what's next for the area are still causing controversy.

Beckley Mayor Emmett Pugh told 59News where the city stands now.

"You'd be looking at the project cost, if it was green space, at least a half a million dollars. Quite frankly, the city does not have that kind of money right now," Pugh said.

Pugh told us where $500,000 would come from.

"We would have to apply for grants or the city would look at the project and try to phase it in, $100,000 within a 5 year period," said the mayor.

Area residents let us know, for half a million dollars, whether the cost is worth the outcome.

"It's not worth quite that much, no. Probably $100,000, at the most," Charles Mills said.

"I think that people should vote on the hole and half a million dollars is too much, they need to lower their prices," Lindsay Greer told us.

"I don't think that the citizens of Beckley should be paying for it. I think the private ownerships of the businesses should or the culprits that caused the situation should,"Jurida Guffey told us.

Guffey told us she believes the eyesore is hurting not only businesses and the travel industry, but also those looking to make Beckley their new home.

"I had a gentlemen from Oak Hill yesterday, I showed him the new properties and how home owners were doing. I think Beckley is getting a bad rap because of that hole," she added.

"Ultimately it will be up to Common Council to decide what to do," Pugh concluded.

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