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UPDATE: Elementary school teacher arrested for battery of a student

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A Fayette County teacher is being charged with 2 counts of battery against two of her students.

Kathleen Wade, kindergarten teacher at Fayetteville Elementary School was arrested Tuesday.

"I'm just horrified. That's terrible. This should never have happened," said concerned parent Tejas Rao.

This is what happened according to 3 eyewitnesses: two librarians and Ms. Wade's kindergarten aide.

According to the criminal complaint, on May 2nd, Ms. Wade took her kindergarten class right across the street to the Fayetteville Library, and that is allegedly where the first incident of violence happened.

The criminal complaint reads on that date, there was a verbal altercation between a couple of students in the library, when Ms. Wade intervened by smacking one of the students on top of the head hard enough that it caused the student to cry.

The very next day, May 3rd, Ms. Wade's aide witnessed her walking behind another student and, using both hands, allegedly smacked the student on both of his ears.

One upset parent told us how he'd like the situation concerning Ms. Wade's future to be handled.

"I would be furious. Furious. I'd be demanding this person get laid off, fired," Rao said.

But a Fayetteville resident said she'd like to see a lesser penalty for the kindergarten teacher.

"I think it's completely unacceptable to ever use physical force to ever discipline children. I think the first step should be to educate this woman and help her to learn how to behave appropriately," said Erin Board.

Wade has been arraigned and posted a $5,000 bond. A court date will be set within a few weeks.

Fayette County school Superintendent Keith Butcher told 59News in the school board meetings they will not discuss Ms. Wade nor any disciplinary actions towards her. He told us: "Fayette County is in a State Intervention Status, so local Board of Education does not have jurisdiction in personnel disciplinary matters." He did, however, say that all concerns of the public can be brought to his attention by calling or emailing the Superintendent's office.

Butcher also released this statement:"The school system is aware of the allegations and while Ms. Wade is still an employee, the county will take steps to ensure that she is not currently in contact with students."





A Fayetteville Elementary School teacher is being charged with two counts of battery against at least one student.

According to state police, Kati Wade was arrested Tuesday for and incident that happened at Fayetteville Elementary School.

Wade has been arraigned and posted a $5,000 bond. State police are still investigating this incident.

At this time we do not know if Wade has been dismissed from her position at the elementary school.

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