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89th annual Mercer County Fair

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Food, fun and friends was enjoyed Friday and will be Saturday as well, as the Mercer County Fair is underway. 59News reporter Jessie Gavin takes us to PikeView High School's campus to have a good time.

It was a beautiful weekend for Mercer County Fair's 89th annual event. The Fair began with a flag-raising ceremony by the Marines and Toys for Toys, where citizens took time out to reflect on what's important before enjoying the weekend's celebrations.

Between amusement park-style rides, carnival food and LIVE music, there's plenty of fun things for the whole family.

The Vice President of the Mercer County Fair told 59News what all there is to do.

"We have all kinds of vendors, lots of food and children's games in the football field area. A magic show and a petting zoo," Keith Circle said.

A fair attendee enjoys any opportunity to get outside and have fun because she believes nowadays kids spend too much time indoors with their technology.

"We are out here in the sun instead of being inside watching TV. Technology nowadays, kids just get stuck to the TV," said PikeView freshmen Anna Shrewsbury.

Not only is the Mercer County Fair a fun time for the whole family, but also for local business owners, who get to set up a booth and meet new clients.

"This is all hand-crafted. We like to do local shows, make money and help out the community. We are from Princeton. We get a lot from the community so we want to put something back," said owner of T & A Leather Co, Tigger.

From vendors selling hand-made jewelry to genuine leather, there's everything here to pique almost any interest. Inside the High School, an entire cafeteria is full of locals displaying their products they're proud of, including a contest with prizes for freshest and best looking home-grown vegetables.

The Mercer County Fair continues through Saturday night.