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Mingo County residents not surprised by federal investigation

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"It's about time.  It's corrupt.  It's very corrupt.  This town is very, very corrupt," said one Mingo County resident.

People in Mingo County said it just did not come as a surprise.  Even the former mayor of Williamson said he's ready for justice to be served here in Southern West Virginia.

Charles West said, "I know they've done a good job.  I've talked to them two or three times.  We're excited about the prospect of getting something positive done."

Williamson residents gathered around the courthouse waiting and watching for what they say they've been waiting for for months.

"There's a pretty good crowd of people here today.  That's because they want to see what's happening.  They want justice to be done," said West. 

Justice, after two top political figures in the county were charged with federal crimes.

Commissioner David Baisden and Circuit Judge Michael Thornbury are at the center of the investigation.

Now, the rumors that have been circulating the town are put to rest.

"My sister called me," said Maxine Thacker of Williamson. 

Thacker said it's no surprise at all that the two were arrested and charged.  She said she has personal experience with them.

"Just things that I've heard and things that I've seen," she said.

In a town that is no stranger to rumor, the people we spoke with said it's just nice to have some proof.

West said, "So many rumors.  We've been hearing labor pains for years, we just wanted to see the baby."