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UPDATE: Some dry dog and cat foods recalled for salmonella

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Several varieties of cat and dog foods are being recalled due to the possibility of Salmonella bacteria.

59News spoke to pet owners in Southern West Virginia to see how they're reacting tonight.

On Wednesday, the Proctor and Gamble Company administered the recall on the Food and Drug Administration's website. Several lots of certain varieties of the brand names "Iams" and "Eukanuba" dry foods for cats and dogs may be contaminated with Salmonella.

Officials say if your pet ingests the bacteria, it can lead to other serious infections, which can cause a pet to miscarry, lose blood, or cause other infections to appear.

Two pet owners in our area told us what animals they part of their family.

"I have a miniature Chihuahua," Elizabeth Clay said.

"I have a yellow lab and a mixed breed, she's a border collier, black lab and cocker spaniel mix," Kathey Bane said.

Both Bane and Clay told 59News they do have a good idea of the sign and symptoms of the bacteria, and if they saw them in their animals, they would take them to the vet, right away.

"Oh yes, I sure would. I'd take my dog to the vet as soon as possible," Clay added.

"If you saw them immediately throw up or had a diarrhea that they couldn't control and had to go outside, then I would have my dog to the vet's office," Bane said.

According to the FDA, your pet may be at risk if they appear to be tired, have a fever, vomit, or have bloody diarrhea. Another less obvious symptom shown by affected dogs and cats is loss of appetite. Some pets may be completely healthy but still able to spread the bacteria to other animals or people.

Bane let us know that from her personal experience, what seems like just an infection, can quickly become very serious.

"I've had friends in the past and when this has happened, their animals either died or they were in the hospital for several days," concluded Bane.

The products contaminated all have expiration dates of November 2014.







Several lots of certain varieties of Eukanuba and Iams dry foods for dogs and cats have been recalled because they may be contaminated with salmonella bacteria.

The Procter & Gamble Company issued the voluntary recall Wednesday Aug. 14 through the Food and Drug Administration's website.

Salmonella is a bacteria can cause an infection, salmonellosis, that can infect both people and pets. Pets can get infected from eating the food, while humans who handle the food may contract the bacteria.

Pets with salmonella may appear tired and/or have a fever, vomiting and bloody diarrhea. Some may show less obvious symptoms like decreased appetite, while other pets may be completely healthy but still able to spread the bacteria to other animals or people.

In dogs, it may also cause miscarriage or spontaneous abortion, according to PetMD. Persistent forms of salmonellosis in pets may result in loss of blood, non-intestinal infections and diarrhea that comes and goes with no logical explanation, which may last up to three or four weeks, or longer.

For people, the infection causes diarrhea, fever and/or abdominal cramps that typically resolves in about a week. But some people may be at higher risk for more severe illness, including the elderly, young infants and people with weakened immune systems.

These serious complications including arterial infections, endocarditis, arthritis, muscle pain, eye irritation and urinary tract symptoms.

The recalled pet foods were made during a 10-day window at one of Procter & Gamble's manufacturing sites, and represents only 0.1 percent of total annual production, the company said. The products all have expiration dates during November, 2014.

They include certain lots and bag sizes of Eukanuba dry dog foods for puppies and adults, Iams dry dog foods in some Healthy Naturals and ProActive varieties, plus some Healthy Naturals, ProActive and hairball preventing-varieties for cats.

A complete list of product types, lot codes and expiration dates can be found on the FDA's website.

The recall only affects products with these specific lot codes. No other dry foods, wet foods or treats and supplements are affected.

People who purchased the products can contact toll-free hotline at 800-208-0172, Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., or via these pet food brands' websites.

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