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Former Smithers Fire Chief admits to embezzlement

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An embezzlement case that began in May 2012 will finally be resolved at the end of September.

Timothy and Patricia Whittington were indicted by the May grand jury in Fayette County.  Timothy Whittington faced a charge of embezzlement from the Smithers Fire Department, where he had been the fire chief.  His wife, Patricia, was charged with Fraudulent Schemes.  According to the Fayette County Prosecuting Attorney's office Timothy Whittington pleaded guilty.  As a part of his conviction, the charge against his wife was dropped.

(Read the West Virginia Code on Embezzlement)

 Whittington spoke about the embezzlement in May 2012.  At that time he admitted to paying personal bills in the amount of around $4,000 from fire department funds.  he also said he would take out a loan to pay the money back.

Whittington was ordered to pay restitution to the fire department.  That amount was not set in the conviction order.  His sentencing date is set for Sept. 30.  That will be held in front of Fayette County Judge Paul Blake, Jr.