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UPDATE: Monroe County Schools Making a Comeback

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Monday is the first day that the staff of Monroe County Schools got back to work and a lot is happening.

The school system had to make significant cutbacks in order to pull out of a $1.5 million dollar deficit.

Staff within Monroe County Schools fought that battle and came out on top.

But before Superintendent Joetta Basile broke the good news in front of an auditorium packed with teachers at James Monroe High School, fear loomed.

"Ultimately, the children suffer anytime a county school system goes into a deficit because you can't provide the supplemental and other things you want to give to the children," said Basile.

The deficit and the cuts that were coming with it really worried students like Allen Haag, who is the student body vice president and sousaphone player for the James Monroe Marching Mavericks.

"It made me pretty sad because I know we've got some amazing teachers here and I think we need to get the student body involved more," said Haag.

But the school district is emerging from it's financial troubles.

Many teachers are proud of what everyone in the Monroe County School District has been able to accomplish despite the challenges.

"We have been able to achieve tremendous things that were not making the media," said Rick Eades, a science and ACT prep teacher at James Monroe High School.

Eades went on to add that James Monroe High School had the best ACT test scores last year in an 18 county area.

The school year in Monroe County is set to start Thursday August 22nd.