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Nicholas Co. deputies shot in July standoff return to work

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Two messages were inscribed on the cake: "Welcome Back" and "Buckshot One & Buckshot Two."

Deputy Buddy Stapleton and Sgt. Tommy Allison both ate a piece, sitting in the office where they had not been for six weeks.

"I definitely don't see myself in any way as any sort of hero," said Stapleton, of Summersville. "It's just part of the job. It's just what we do."

Nicholas County deputies Stapleton and Allison were both shot in a standoff July 6. John Evans, 84, had barricaded himself in his home near Craigsville that Saturday morning, according to emergency responders. Officers shot and killed Evans after he opened fire on deputies.

"That morning I just thought it was going to be a simple complaint," Stapleton said.

Stapleton and Allison were transported to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. They returned to work Monday for the first time in six weeks.

Both men underwent surgery for various injuries. Allison told 13NEWS he was shot in the face, hand, right arm, shoulder, upper chest, left shoulder, abdomen, and in the front and back of his leg.

Stapleton said approximately 34 pellets remain in his right and left legs. He still walks with a limp.

"God definitely had his hand on me that day, " Stapleton said. "And on Tommy also."

Both deputies said they will serve three months of light duty before returning to their normal posts, per their doctors' recommendations.

Allison said he hopes to resume his position as the resource officer at Richwood Middle School.

"I can't wait to get back in my cruiser," Stapleton said. "Get out of the office."

Neither deputy said the standoff discouraged them from returning to work.

"We're out there to help. We're out there day or night, anytime of the year," Allison said. "We'll still be there."

Friends and family hosted a party at the Nicholas County Sheriff's Department in Summersville Monday. Allison's father and sister even flew in from Arizona.