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What happens to drug money seized by police

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Thousands of dollars were seized by police in Princeton on Tuesday after a warrant was served on a parole violator.  Many drug raids lead to the discovery of cash, but some people may wonder what happens to the money.

According to a release from the Oceana Police department in Wyoming County, there is a process in place. Here is a look at what happens.

First, if money is taken, the investigating agency may decide to take it as a forfeiture.  They count it several times in front of witnesses and put it into evidence.  Next, the prosecuting attorney's office is notified.  After the case is discussed, the amount of money that was taken must be published in the newspaper. If there is no response from the owner of the money - the agency gets a percentage of the money to be used to buy equipment, or to do other drug busts.  The prosecutor's office gets a small percentage too.

The release from Oceana Police said that the money never goes to any one person for personal use and it must be accounted for at all times.