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Free after school music program for Fayetteville kids

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Sixth through eight graders in Fayetteville have a chance to take part in a creative and interactive after school program this year.

Thanks to a grant, the after school music program will last for two years at the school.

The kids can learn to play things like guitar, violin, and the best part is... it's absolutely free.

Organizers said they need things like this to keep their kids in school.

"Kids need an identity, they need something that they are proud of and that they do well and that's fun! So we hope to have them an incredibly fun and interactive program that makes them want to stay in school and pursue an art and a craft," said director Ester Morey.

Students at Fayetteville will be introduced to the program this Friday on their second day of school.

They will also receive a free supper and a ride home after their classes.

Visit this link for more information.