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Beckley-based product being considered by Walmart

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Retailer giant Walmart is considering marketing Element Medication Disposal System (MDS), a product developed by Beckley-based Vaught, Inc., and consumers have an opportunity to weigh in.

Element MDS is a kit that disposes of unused medication in a tamperresistant container, thereby keeping it out of public water supplies and away from unintended users. Vaught, Inc. president and CEO Christopher R. Vaught said in a press release he recently got word that Element MDS passed the first phase of Walmart's "Get On The Shelf" process and is now in the Audition Round, where online voting will help show the retailer's judges how much public support the product has.

Consumers can show their support for Element MDS by visiting and clicking "Vote for this!" The link also includes a video demonstrating the product. Consumers can vote once each day through September 2.
"We are incredibly excited about this opportunity," said Vaught. "Our existing customers know that Elements MDS is a product that revolutionizes medication disposal. This is a chance to 
expand our reach and introduce others to a great solution."

Vaught, Inc. originally created Element MDS for Hospice nurses to safely and properly dispose of patients' medications. The common prior practice was to either flush the medication or simply throw them in the trash. These practices exposed medications to the environment and to 
unintended users.

With the Element MDS kit, users place the medications in a tamper-resistant bottle. They then add the powder, mix with water, seal the lid and shake. Within minutes, the medication is turned into an undesirable, gel-like substance. Users can then throw the bottle in any common trash receptacle. It can accept both solid and liquid medications and, unlike mail-in kits, can accommodate controlled substances. It is also compliant with the Environmental Protection Agency's recommendations for drug disposal.

Vaught, Inc. was founded in 2008 is now the parent company of four businesses; NightWatch, MedMatrix Solutions, V23, and Indigo Health, providing health care solutions to health systems, hospitals, physicians, nurse practitioners, physical therapists, chiropractors, psychologists, pharmacies, hospices, and school systems in 19 states.