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Mullens drug bust

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On Thursday night, Johnny Joe Marcum of Mullens was arrested after drugs and other paraphernalia were found inside his apartment.

Hundreds of dollars of cash and marijuana were seized from Marcum's home above Steele's Tavern.

After a search warrant was conducted Thursday night which led to valium, marijuana, countless drug paraphernalia, food stamp cards and cash being found along with Marcum. He was charged with possession with intent to deliver.

95% of their cases are drug related, according to Mullens Police Assistant Chief Jack Meadows.

Meadows told 59News food stamp cards are traded for dope all the time because anyone can use it as long as you have the pin number.

Marcum's apartment is 3 blocks away from the Mullens Police Department. A resident of Mullens told us what they believe is the kind of person abuses what is supposed to be for those in need.

"It hurts the people that really needs the help. If you take your food stamps out here, they'll sell it for drugs but they'll eventually get caught," Charlie Hall said.

One local woman has lived in Mullens all her life and said the drug problem has not gotten any better.

"It's a lot worse. And I grew up in the 60's and 70's. It's a lot worse now than it was then, there's different drugs on the streets. It's a world of difference, a world of difference," said Anita Walker.

Hall believed it's not just Southern West Virginia that sees a large amount of crime involving drugs.

"You see them hanging around the doctor's offices. I've lived here for 25 years, it looks bad on people that actually need the medicine, but a lot of them don't need it and they abuse it. It's a big thing, it's all over the United States that way," Hall concluded.

A second search warrant was served on another apartment in Mullens and an arrest is pending.

If anyone has information on drug activity in Mullens, you can report an anonymous tip to the Mullens Police Department at (304) 294-7132