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Young boys cuts 4-year-old sister in the neck in Charleston, WV

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The Charleston Police Department is investigating a stabbing in the 400 block of Hunt Avenue in Charleston, WV.

Police responded to an incident call at 411 Hunt Avenue in Charleston around 3:30 Sunday afternoon.

Authorities say an 8-year-old brother stabbed his 4-year-old sister on her neck with a knife.

The victim was taken to CAMC General. Her family told 13 News she is fine but will spend the night in the hospital for observation

Her family also told 13 News the incident was a big misunderstanding.

"Everyone was saying it was a stabbing, it wasn't a stabbing," said a family member who did not want to go on camera or be identified.

The family said the situation was an accident.

"It was just an accident that she got a cut on her neck, so everything is good," said the family member. 

Neighbors were shocked hearing the news.

"It's a sad situation when you have kids harming one another. I mean, as far as stabbing or even accidentally shooting kids," said Lewis Taylor Sr. 

Taylor says it's not the child's fault, it's the parent's fault.

"If you discipline and raise your kids right, I mean this is a situation that you probably wouldn't have to deal with.

Police say at this time, the boy will not be charged with anything. 

The girl is still at the hospital. 

It is unknown if the parents will face charges.



Charleston police are investigating an incident involving a 4-year-old child that was cut by a knife in the neck.  According to detectives, they responded to a call at a home located at 411 Hunt Avenue in Charleston around 3:30 p.m. on Sunday.

Police say the 8-year-old child who lives in the home cut his sister with a knife. Her injuries were not life threatening. She was taken to CAMC for observation.  The 8-year-old brother was interviewed by police and returned to his parents care this evening. 

No word on whether the parents of these children will be charged. The investigation will continue. WOWK will update this story as details become available.