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Toddler wanders down busy Mercer County road

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A heart pounding rescue- a toddler is found crawling alongside a busy road. Now Child Protective Services are investigating.

59News went to the location where the child was found.  We took our area to get a child's eye view of Route 10 in Hiawatha. Cars whizzed by as our news crews worked on.

"It is very, very busy, extremely busy," Patti Graham said, talking about Route 10.  She explained it is a two lane road where coal trucks, ATVs and tractor trailers speed by.

Imagine, a teeny-tiny toddler crawling on this curvy, busy road. Well according to State Police that is exactly what one off duty emergency medical technician found Tuesday.

Neighbors told 59News the baby boy was crawling on this road and he was crawling right down the center of it on the yellow painted lines

The EMT took the child to the nearby Matoaka Fire Department and called police. In the meantime, police said the boy's parents reported him missing.  The parents said he must have crawled off the porch.

But for one mother our news crews spoke with, that is no excuse. Pattie Graham is a mother, grandmother and even great grandmother. She said you just can't turn you back on a toddler.

"Well you know with children there are always accidents naturally. But they are so quick and so fast and you just really can't take your eyes off of them unless you know they are in an area they are safe and can't get away," Pattie Graham said.

Police said the parents are not facing charges.  But the boy and his sibling are now in the custody of Child Protective Services, pending the outcome of their investigation.