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Mercer County pet store shut down - animals need a home

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After unsafe living conditions of animals were found inside Jungle Lagoon Pet Store in Princeton, it has been closed until further notice.

"I did not like any of the animals living conditions, at all. If it was my place, I would have made it a lot nicer than what it was," said Princeton resident Josh Kelley.

"We got all of our ducks in order and executed the search warrant. once we started digging it got worse and we decided to seize all the animals," Mercer County Animal Control Officer Tracy Monninger said.

A pet store is supposed to be a safe haven for animals until they find a loving home but Monninger told 59News the evidence shows the total opposite.

"It wasn't clean. They were adopting animals and they would either die when they got home or would get sick. A variety of things wrong and it was all kinds of animals," said Monninger.

Monninger told us how the animals are doing now and what's going to happen to them next.

"If we do find that the animals would be turned over to Mercer County then an adoption plan will be set in place. There's some that are healthy, there's some that are not. They are attended to by a vet. We will try to get the ones that are sick healed up," Monninger added.

People who bought a pet from Jungle Lagoon Pet Store are urged to call the Mercer County Animal Shelter.