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Fake Money: How to Spot it

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The U.S. Government estimates that less than 1 percent of U.S. paper currency in circulation is counterfeit. However, the past few weeks has turned up several counterfeit bills in our area.

So how can you identify fake money if you come across it?

The quickest and easiest method, says Fayette county Sheriff's Office Captain Jim Sizemore, is to hold the bill up to the light and look for the ghost image.

"[The light] is just as easy as using a pen to determine if the bill is real," says Sizemore.

Authentic currency paper is embedded with tiny red and blue fibers.

Police says there are more fake bills now because of new technology. But police are working with secret service to stop the production of fake bills.

As the amount of counterfeit cash circulating increases, it's important to take a moment and check your wallet to make sure it's legal. Be sure to always check your bills, even if they come from the bank.