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Federal grant allows Bluefield Fire Department to purchase new equipment

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One Mercer County fire department is getting some upgraded equipment. This is all thanks to federal grant money.

Two spreaders, two cutters, a hydraulic ram, two pumps for power, and two struts are the newest pieces equipment purchased by the Bluefield Fire Department. The money came from Assistance to Firefighters Grant. The life saving tools are light weight and will offer better protection for the community.

"It will mean a faster response for trauma victims out here in the community. it will give them a little more time towards their medical treatment and it will also give us more equipment to suppress fires with.

Chief Warden said these upgrades were much needed to replace outdated equipment.

"The old equipment was pretty antiquated it was battery driven through a 12 volt system so we would have to order a replacement batteries and the power of the unit itself was not up to date with the automotive industry," Chief Warden said.

The old equipment used to plug in underneath one of the fire engines.  It is roughly 10 years old and only had a 20-foot cord, making it very difficult to reach or access any car crashes that happened off the road.  

The next step will be to get the crews trained on the new tools.  The equipment will be placed on fire engine 1 and 3.

The federal grant was for $79,000 and the fire department has also purchased an air compressor which they expect to arrive in the next few weeks.

The new equipment was purchased from Interstate Rescue out of Virginia.