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Parents share how to keep children safe from online predators

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The dangers of social media are now at the forefront of many parents minds.

59News talked with parents in Raleigh County to find out how much they sensor their children's sites.

With predators having easier access to their prey by way of technology and social media continuing its popularity with today's youth, parents told us monitoring their child's interactions have never been more important.

"I have kids and I worry about it a lot that they will be vulnerable to bullying or a predator, those things I'm scared to death of that. And I think parents should take the right steps to make sure their child is protected," mother Brittany Cook said.

Parents shared with 59News their rules on their kids social media.

"She's allowed a limit of an hour on facebook talking to her friends that her mother knows," said Grandmother Carol Bennett.

Bennett told us why all the rules and regulations.

"For instance, through someone you just met and you're chatting, you don't know if that's not a man next door or a sexual molester in the neighborhood. You don't know who you are talking to," she said.

Cook has 3 children and although none of them have their own social media profiles yet, she already knows how she plans on keeping them out of harms way.

"Put up blockers. Monitor everything they do through web history. Put it on private, definitely make sure the parents are fully aware of who your friends are. Make sure you know them on a very personal level, not just somebody that you are an acquaintance with," Cook said.

If you think something suspicious is going on, report it to or call your local State Police Detachment.