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Greenbrier County firemen demonstrate school bus extraction

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We've only been back to school for a few weeks but firefighters in Greenbrier County had bus safety in the forefront of their minds on Sunday.

59News was in Alderson for a school bus extrication class and field demonstration.

Rookie and Veteran firefighters alike from Alderson and Frankford were able to get hands-on practice for real life rescue situations. On Saturday they learned in a classroom and on Sunday they demonstrated what they now can do.

"We had 3 patients, you do the patient assessment and gain access to the vehicle. We used 12 minutes. You have one way in and one way out for patients to get out. We are working as a team and getting the younger guys who maybe haven't had a chance to perform on scene but have had classes and wondered how these go, and now they're able to do it," Frankford fireman Brian Ford said.

Firemen told 59News they can often use a car but they say it's a special treat to demonstrate on a much larger vehicle.

"Classes of this sort with larger vehicles are very rare to come by. The equipment we use we have but the bigger vehicles are not readily available. We've asked for people to donate them so that we can practice and hone our skills on that extraction. We want to be able to bring something to our guys that wouldn't otherwise be able to perform," said Ford.

The Alderson and Frankford Fire Department hope to continue these extrication scenarios every year.