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Local coal experts react to Logan county Patriot layoffs

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Thousands of experts in the industry took part in the 20th Biennial Bluefield Coal Show.

59News spoke with coal professionals. One product expert explained why his business is so great.

"We sell worldwide and for a small local company I think that's pretty good. We recipe our connectors to our customers request. If they need something special then we do our research and we make it," Bob Rolen of J & R Manufacturing told us.

"These are 3 new sensors. Any time there's any discrepancy it shows immediately up to the dispatch office so they can correct the situation," said Mike Hastings of Carroll Technologies Group.

The Bluefield Coal Show shows the importance of the industry in this area. On Tuesday in Logan County, 250 coal miners lost their jobs.

"Laid off? We had a few shut down in 1982 that's where my brother and dad worked. My brother was killed there. It's bad to get laid off," former miner Ray Boothe told us.

The news was still fresh in the minds of many as a few corporations in attendance are from Logan County. One industry professional reacts.

"They lost their jobs because we have poor administration in Washington D.C. that's not taking in to account the effects of putting these people out on the streets. Where can you find a job where you make $60-70,000 a year with full benefits right out of high school? It's absolutely insane what they are doing to the people in this industry," Hastings said.

Patriot President and CEO Bennett K. Hatfield told the Associated Press the decision to let the miners go came from a decline in prices for thermal coal used to generate electricity.

Over 240 exhibitors representing more than 32 states and four countries displayed their products and services from the coal mining industry.