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Meadow Bridge High School may be out of consolidation plan

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On Wednesday's monthly meeting the West Virginia Board of Education met with the Fayette County School System to revisit its Comprehensive Education Facilities Plan.

59News spoke with students at Meadow Bridge High School to find out what they're hoping the Board of Education does with their school next.

The West Virginia Board of Education requested that the Fayette County Comprehensive Education Facilities Plan be amended to remove Meadow Bridge High School from consolidation plans for one year.

"It's good to hear that you always get more time to re-evaluate and go back and see what you can do. That's what Meadow Bridge has always stood for is not backing down and always staying strong to what we want," said Meadow Bridge senior Logan Pomeroy.

Some students told 59News the commute to Midland Trail could add up to an extra hour and a half to their drive.

"It's about an hour out and I can't go to Greenbrier West or Summers County so I would have to go to Midland Trail. It would be an inconvenience for a lot of people," Meadow Bridge junior Morgan Whitt told us.

Pomeroy, a senior at Meadow Bridge said he and his classmates are happy they'll graduate as Wild Cats. Whitt, a junior, can't be certain she'll be able to say the same.

"To know that I'm safe and I'm glad I'm going to be a graduate from Meadow Bridge High School. Although I would like to see a lot of my classmates and friends really make it through so they can say the same," Pomeroy said.

"Knowing that I may not be able to graduate from here is really heartbreaking. Having assurance that you'll graduate and then knowing you might have to change your senior year really breaks your heart because you'd have to leave the school you've been going to since you were little," Whitt told us.

The state board expects to vote on the amended CEFP during its October meeting.